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As either method of raising finance is likely to be unpalatable to the majority of the local electorate, perhaps it is not surprising that many local authorities are sitting on the fence unless and until they have to make a decision. In the course of day-to-day work advising private sector developers and local authorities, Symonds has noted a particular concern on the application of parking standards, and sought to explore this as a part of the survey.

At the time of writing, any development proposal which is referred to a regional Government Office, or in which the Secretary of State has a direct involvement, will almost certainly be required to comply with the draft PPG13 ‘standards’ where these would permit less parking than the authority’s published ones. However, as can be seen from the summary survey results in Appendix D, many local authorities publish standards which result in substantially more parking than would application of the 1999 draft PPG13 maximum ratio of 1:35 m 2.

In addition, the survey has shown, as noted in paragraph 3.7 above, that many authorities do expect to apply their published standards, even where these conflict with the ratios given in the draft of PPG13, and hence the stance taken by Government Offices and the Secretary of State. Because of the above, there is often doubt as to the weight that can be attached to published local authority parking standards.

Many Officers will admit that they are in a difficult position, and do not know what advice to give to prospective developers. Often it comes down to whether the application is dealt with at authority level, or by one of the Government Offices. The respondent pointed to a recent Public Inquiry Inspector’s decision in which the draft PPG13 was rejected as being unconfirmed, and the authority’s parking guidance was applied.